Provider Spotlight: Naturopathic Family Health

Jill Borba, Nutritionist

Jill Borba, Nutritionist

This week’s Provider Spotlight is Naturopathic Family Health, which provides holistic health care to patients utilizing naturopathic therapies. For people who are pregnant, nutritionist Jill Borba provides one-on-one sessions in her Pregnancy Nutrition Program, where patients receive essential nutritional tools for a healthy pregnancy.

Jill has always had an interest in holistic medicine. Growing up, several of her family members were diagnosed with heart disease, which motivated her to go to school for nutrition. While going to college, she was conflicted about receiving training as a registered dietitian, as the education she would have received went against what she believed to be the most healthiest nutrition choices. This led her to attain a Master’s Degree in Holistic Nutrition. As a practicing nutritionist, Jill collaboratively works with patients to help them make holistic nutritional choices.

If you are interested in finding out more information about holistic nutrition, Jill offers complimentary consultations to answer your nutritional questions and concerns. To schedule a consultation, visit Naturopathic Family Health or call 408-356-1364.

Allison Coleman